Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Whole New Meaning of "Pillow-pet"

Ever heard the term "pillow-pet?" I know that I have. In case you haven't, a pillow-pet is a toy that resembles a stuffed animal, but doubles as a  pillow due to the way it's made. The animal's body is shaped like a very fuzzy pillow, but there's a strap that Velcros the two narrower sides together to make a vague animal shape. The whole thing generally has a head in the center of one side of the wide part of the pillow-pet, and a tail opposite. All in all, it's a security blanket/ stuffed animal that's also a pillow. Very efficient for camping trips.

Now that we've broken down what a pillow-pet is, I would like to asses the terms "pillow" and "pet" to further understand the meaning of this. As we all know, a pillow is a sort of cushion, usually covered in a washable cloth. A pillow is used to rest one's head or sometimes body upon, to enhance comfort while resting or sleeping. A pet is the term commonly used for a nonhuman animal that lives with humans. Now, that's the politically correct version that isn't anthropocentric. Most humans would say that a pet is an animal that belongs to a person. Now, consider a cat's point of view. Cats often act like they're the people, and the humans who live with them are their servants/pets/inferiors about half of the time, and loved family members the other half. Therefore, cats look at humans like we are the pets. If you live with a cat, I'd like you to think about how many times you've had a cat on your lap. Wouldn't you say that, for a cat, you are a pillow in that instance? Maybe the real pillow-pets are none other than us! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Only 6 Elements of Harmony?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the Elements of Harmony. I've come to the conclusion that, although 5 of the Elements are quite necessary for true harmony, a.k.a. peace, the sixth Element is completely unnecessary- not to mention the fact that several other things should be included! Here's the list:
Occasional calm (Pinkie Pie, take note of this)
Silence/ listening
Sympathy (yeah, I know it sort of fits into Kindness)
Willingness to face and solve problems
Willingness to change
Change itself
Equality/ balance
But Magic? Seriously? Magic?! I mean, I know it's a big part of Equestria, but surely it isn't required for Equestrian harmony. Besides, if you combine all of the elements listed above with the other 5, you should have a perfect society, as far as perfection goes. I mean, yes, certain societies (like the magical world I'm sure is being hidden from most of us humans) probably couldn't survive without it because it's their way of life. However, it's not one of the base elements required across the universe for harmony, unless our lives are secretly held together by magic and we really couldn't survive without it. I mean, magic might turn out to be the source that powers life itself... But that's a topic for another post. As far as I know, and I mean know (instead of my speculations or other possibilities) life can exist without magic, and a nonmagical society requires only the elements listed above to achieve peace.

If you can think of any other elements that should be on that list, please leave a comment!