Thursday, June 5, 2014

Luna, Nightmare Moon, and the Thousand-Year Banishment

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the unanswered questions about the whole Nightmare Moon/ Princess Luna thing. The questions that I have been able to place so far are:
What happened on the moon?
Why do so many My Little Pony fans think that Luna was a conscious Princess Luna on the moon? Is it because she was?
Are Luna and Nightmare Moon separate beings, or two sides of the same pony?
Why did she never realize the changes in culture and speech going on in Equestria?
How did she survive in Outer Space?
Was Luna really in the moon or was she just on the moon, with the mare- shaped craters just a sign of her presence?
What do the stars have to do with her escape?
Why is she a fully grown mare before her transformation, but a filly after she is turned back?
Why is Nightmare Moon's voice Luna's in the Season 4 flashback, but a different voice in Season 1?
So here's what I can figure out, based upon the few episodes concerning this and other fans' ideas (along with a few of my own): Luna, sad and angry, decides that she will make ponies love her night by making it all they will ever know. (Being that this is Equestria, the process of photosynthesis is probably not necessary for the plants' growth, and the plants would probably adapt over time to need moonlight instead, anyway.) From what I can figure out, Luna is just another stressed-out teenager who finally bent to the snapping point. However, her snapping point is much, much harder to reach than a regular teen's. This shows that Luna has a strong, patient character, and really does want to give ponies a chance to love her. But towards the end of this long period of waiting, she starts to have dark thoughts. She realizes that ponies would love her night if they never knew day. She also realizes that her sister would never let her keep the sunlight from Equestria. She pushes these thoughts away, because, although they are true, she is a kind mare and really doesn't want to kill her sister. But over time, these dark thoughts grow in the place where she hides her anger and sadness. One morning, she can't stand it any more. This is Luna's breaking point. Unlike most humans, Luna has an enormous amount of hatred and anger stored up, and when she snaps, it all comes tearing out of her in a wave of evil. That morning, Luna makes a choice. She is still Luna when she raises the moon to cover the sun. The anger in her rises and she takes on a more powerful body, but she is still Princess Luna, called by a different name. It's just that now, her thoughts are ruled by anger. The battle between Celestia and Nightmare Moon ensues. When Celestia uses the Elements of Harmony to banish Nightmare Moon, two important things happen: 1. The connection between the sisters and the Elements is broken, due to the fact that one is using them against the other, and 2. Luna and Nightmare Moon become separate. You see, Nightmare Moon/Luna is getting hit by a rainbow-colored blast of pure harmony. At that point, they are still the same pony, but in the Nightmare Moon body. The elements blast her to the moon. (Because of the sisters' previous connection to the Elements, both of them are aware that Nightmare Moon will be back in a thousand years. I believe that Celestia actually wrote the book that Twilight opens Episode 1 by reading, and spread the "legends" of Nightmare Moon's return around, hoping that when she comes back, some pony will know and be able to reclaim the Elements of Harmony when the time comes. When she meets Twilight and realizes her power, she remembers that the time is near and grooms her for heroism. But at the same time, she realizes that Twilight can't master all the Elements herself, so she sends her to Ponyville to meet the other wielders. Conveniently, this also turns out to be the place Twilight needs to go to master her special magic {friendship} and become an alicorn at last.) But at the same time, they fix something in Luna. Or rather, the problem is too big to be fixed, so they remove it instead. Nightmare Moon is still alive, and she becomes the craters in the moon. Luna, on the other hand, re-forms in her fully-grown mare body, but without the overwhelming anger that controlled her. You know that turning-an-apple-into-an-orange trick that Twilight Sparkle is working on in Too Many Pinkie Pies? That's how she gets food and water on the moon. Now, I'm assuming that this spell (and many variations of it for different kinds of food and drink) is simple and easy for an alicorn as old, powerful, and experienced as Luna. She is far enough away from Earth that she can't see or hear ponies, much less keep caught up in society's changes. While Luna is keeping herself occupied the best she can, however, Nightmare Moon is waking up. For the first, oh, 10 to 50 years, Nightmare Moon was in a perpetual state of coma. Now, she starts to become aware of herself. She is aware of her body from the neck up, or as much of her body as is visible from Equestria. But she is also aware of one other thing: Luna's heart. You see, Nightmare Moon is still tied to Luna's life force, so if Luna dies, she dies. Of course, this would work the other way too, if Nightmare Moon was the one with the heart and brain. This also means that Nightmare moon can gain access to Luna's energy reserves. As soon as she gains enough awareness to realize this, she starts sapping Luna's magic and energy and saving it for herself. Luna is aware of this, but powerless to stop it. Eventually, towards the end of the time, Nightmare Moon has no choice left but to start stripping Luna's older years from her. This explains why she is a filly again when she is changed back to good. And of course, Nightmare Moon has nothing against doing this to Luna, since she is PURE EVIL and thinks only of herself. However, at the very end of the thousand years, she is forced to stop. Why? Because if she saps any more from Luna, who is already a filly in a coma, Luna will die and take Nightmare Moon with her. So where does she get the last bit of energy she needs? The stars. Big, hot, flaming balls of gas using nuclear fission and fusion to fuel themselves. Tons of energy in there! And probably magic too, magical residue that built up after so many years of being risen, lowered, and otherwise magically dragged across the sky. Nightmare Moon sucks enough energy from the stars on the morning of the longest day of the thousandth year of her banishment to get back into Luna's body, transform it into her own, and rocket herself back to Equestria in time for the Summer Sun Celebration. Over the rest of the "Nightmare Moon" curve, Luna slowly wakes up inside Nightmare Moon. She is aware of her legs moving, the crazy hair stuff, and she feels and hears herself talking, but with no control over what she is saying. She is beginning to see out of Nightmare Moon's eyes (but blearily, as if she had just woken up from a long nap), and she can sort of hear what is going on out of Nightmare Moon's ears. By the time Nightmare Moon realizes that the main 6 are traveling through the Everfree Forest, Luna is awake enough to realize what is going on. She knows that the Elements of Harmony are the only way she can be set free, and she figures out that these ponies are the new wielders of the Elements. So, she influences Nightmare Moon's thoughts so that the challenges set are perfect for each pony to discover her Element. At the end of the episode, she is aware enough of herself that when Nightmare Moon is blasted again by the Elements, a sort of a switch takes place. Luna wakes up as a filly, and Nightmare moon is forever buried inside her, nothing but a spirit of darkness the size of a single cell. And hopefully, Nightmare Moon will never surface again.

The Beginning

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